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We All Have A StageJC3
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We All Have A Stage - Written 6/1 - 6/3/2022. As a singer, I've stood on many different stages, big, little, new, old, inside, outside, but the thought crossed my mind while at church one Wednesday night in June that everyone has a stage. You may not be a preacher, you may not be a singer, you may never stand on a literal stage but if your living for Jesus, then you have a stage because your being watched by everyone around you! It's VERY important what people see you do because they need to see who's in you but we're not living for the people around us and we're not putting on a show! Instead, we're living for and audience of one and that one is Jesus! Live for Jesus and folks will see what they need to see you do! Jesus is the one that really matters!

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