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Only in Him - Written August 12 - 19 2018. My family had been going through a pretty hard time financially, a subject I rarely talk about but, through this time the Lord was showing me that I can do nothing outside of Christ. I am Nothing but He is Everything! Every good and perfect gift comes from God! All that I am is through Him, all that I have is through Him! It's Only In Him!Our church was having a week long revival meeting with Preacher Barry Spears. One night He preached on God's delivery service, how every morning a package shows up at our door step filled with Gods joy and he told us that we have the choice to receive it or reject it. That Wednesday night our pastor, Shane Ezell preached on Gods mercies being new every  morning and how our needs are always met! Through this hardship and these two messages God gave me this song and I thank Him for it!

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