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The Shepherd Always Knows BestJC3
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"The Shepherd Always Knows Best" - My Pastor, Dr. Shane Ezell had been preaching several wonderful messages on Psalms 23, but one message in particular during the Sunday night service on November 28th 2021, really struck a note in my heart! It's amazing how the Lord works through His men, as my Pastor was preaching he was telling some facts about some shepherds he observed while in Albania and it really blessing my soul! He actually called my name from the pulpit as if the Lord was saying pay attention to this right here and from his observation came the lines: "draw close to His side and soon you will find, the sweeter the journey, the brighter the night" and it's my favorite part of the whole song! So it stirred around in my mind and soul for a couple days then on December 2nd riding down the road in the delivery truck, a song started forming and the next day, December 3rd 2021 I was able to finish this song! To God be the glory what a Great and Wonderful Shepherd we have! I'm sure glad to be one of His sheep and I'm thankful that HE ALWAYS KNOWS BEST!

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