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Could I Tell You - I was at our home church (Ingleside Baptist Church in Landrum SC) cleaning on a Wednesday evening before church services, September the 7th 2022 and was thinking about how good God was and how blessed I really am. Next thing I know I'm working on a song in my head and singing bits and pieces out loud. By the time I was finished cleaning so was the song, I sat down on a pew and wrote all the words out and then put the chords to it. Little did I know my Pastor had been in his study listening to me as I cleaned and sang. When service started he told the church that he had heard me and wanted to hear it again for service, I was able to sing my new song for the 1st time just a few hours after getting it finished. I'm so very thankful that the Lord allows me to write songs for Him, I'm also very thankful for a Pastor that supports me and encourages me in my writing and  has influenced a number of my songs!

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