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Heaven - JC3
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Heaven - The feeling I get when writing a song is like no other feeling in this world. Sometimes I feel the desire to write a new song simply because of what the Lord does for me through the experience.  So, there are many times I will just pray and ask God to give me a subject and the right words to write a new song with. This time God put that wonderful place called Heaven on my heart. I worked on this song many days, from July 30th to August 21st of 2011, almost two weeks. But most of this song was given to me on August the 7th which was a Sunday. We were in Spruce Pine North Carolina at Altapass Baptist Church. Their pastor, Steve Sisk was preaching and through his P.M. message the Lord gave me everything I needed to finish this song entitled "Heaven". 

That night after church, me and my brother Nathanael worked on the tune and chords. Our family sang it the day I finished it at our home church that Wednesday night.

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