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Because Of LoveJC3
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Because of Love - I love leading the music at church and something I like to say while leading songs about Christ loving us is that He proved it! He certainly did prove His love for us at Calvary! I had started writing this song on a Wednesday night before church started on July the 13th. That night our Pastor, Dr. Shane Ezell preached a tremendous message about our God being slow to anger! The message went right along with this song the Lord was giving me and was a huge encouragement and help to finish writing it. One of the bible verses that he used  while preaching was Psalms 145:8 and you can really see the impression of his message in the 3rd verse of this song! I finished the song the next day, July the 14th after I got home from work. I'm sure glad that our God loves us and is slow to anger!

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