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He Changed My Everything - March 30th 2022, at a Sunday night service, a man in our church by the name of Bo Bullman (who God saved out of a very wicked life style 6 years ago) stood up and testified. He said that he was glad he didn't get what he wanted but instead he got Jesus and then went on to say how the things of God are the things that he wants and desires now! Those words struck a chord in my heart and God give me this chorus right then and there! After church was over I sang it to him and our pastor. Since that testimony, I've listened to my dear brother as he's stood and testified many times about God's goodness to him. It wasn't planned but, on Sunday morning May 22nd 2022, the Lord put it all together. Each verse has something in it that Brother Bo had said while testifying at one time or another, even the testimony he shared that May morning became  verse 4. Now verse 5 is a special deal to me, when Brother Bo sings the old hymn "I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian" he puts "there ain't nothing better than Jesus" in the 1st verse and it thrills my soul every time so, that's verse 5 for this song! I asked Brother Bo if he would like to title this song, something that he says quite often when talking about getting saved is "He changed my everything" and that's what he picked to name this song! I think it fits just right!

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