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The Gospel Lullaby - This song is a rare case, in the since that it was actually a special order. A good friend of mine in Mississippi, Ms. Ashley Logan asked me to write a lullaby for her. She wanted a gospel lullaby that she could sing to her friend's children. A lullaby that would tell of God's grace and goodness, of angels singing and sweet salvation.

I thought  surely this would be an impossible task, for I had never written a lullaby. (and now I've written three...this one, one for my son and one for my daughter) But much to my surprise, the very next day on March 3rd of 2012, the Lord gave me this song and in a matter of minutes it was finished. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to her, she called back telling me that is was approved and passed with flying colors. We've been singing it ever since.

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