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Hello Friends,

I have been writing songs from a very young age, 12 to be exact.

I wrote songs about everything I liked from the American flag to riding bulls. (You can actually check those out on "The Beginning" page here on the website) As you will see my imagination was wild, as most little boys are.

But the time came in my life as a 18 year old boy when the Lord started dealing with  my heart about writing songs for Him.

It was at a camp meeting in the mountains of Spruce Pine N.C. when a preacher by the name of Daniel Stewart from Robbinsville N.C. was preaching on "who would you be if you were a character in the Bible". His answer was Barabbas because,

He (Christ) took your place. 

And so was born the song "He Took My Place". 

That was in March of 2010 and the Lord has been blessing me ever since by allowing me to continue writing songs for Him.


Singing at an outdoor event in
Laurens S.C.

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