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Gettin' Gone - This may be bad grammar but it's a wonderful truth! If your saved by God's grace and through His precious blood, then you have the promise of Heaven being your eternal home and one day you'll be gettin' gone! My Pastor on a Sunday morning had gotten excited about leaving this world and made the statement that one day he was gettin' gone! I absolutely loved it, I leaned over to my wife and said: I'm gona write a song - gettin' gone! Then He called me and Mrs. Ashley Ezell (our pastor's wife) to come up and sing the song "I've Never Been This  Homesick Before" then He said it again... "gettin gone" I told Mrs. Ashley, I'm gona write a song - gettin' gone! The next week on a Monday morning (October 3, 2022) riding down the road at 2:30 AM running the bread route this song started forming in my mind. As usual I started singing and recording bits & pieces, when I got home I put it all together and sent it to several friends and family to see what they thought. I'm thankful for some friends and family I can do that with! I'm also thankful that this world is not my home, I'm just a passing through and one day I'm gettin' gone!!!

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