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He Took My Place - JC3
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He Took My Place - It was March the 24th of 2010, at a Wednesday morning church service at the Tri County Camp Meeting in Spruce Pine North Carolina. Preacher Daniel Stewart from Robbinsville North Carolina was preaching on "who would you be if you were a character in the Bible". His answer was Barabbas, because He (Christ) took your place. At the end of his message the Lord put this song on my heart. I couldn't write fast enough, as the Lord was giving me the words faster than I could write them down. By that afternoon I had finished writing "He Took My Place" and our family sang it that very night at the Tri County Camp Meeting. I had never felt such a press to write a song before. It was almost as conviction being placed towards my heart, but it shortly turned into sweetness as a song was birthed.

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