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Gods Blood was PlentyJC3
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God's Blood was Plenty - This song is very special to me because, the heart of this song was birthed through and inspired by my pastor, Dr. Shane Ezell. God had given him this rhyming phrase "My sins were many but God's blood was plenty" while preaching a message. What a wonderful flowing truth! It was a phrase that Pastor Ezell and myself just couldn't get away from! It seemed like every other text had those words in it! It was used in messages and conversations over and over. Many comments were made about it including the comment from my pastor, "that would make a great song JC" and then the Lord started churning in my heart. I worked on this song for several weeks and finally on April 28th, 2021 the song was complete and I sent a recording of it to my pastor and to some of the men in the church. I am so thankful and blessed that the Lord used my pastor to birth this song!

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